Every Goat Is Unique!

Not one goat is the same as the next.  Goats are very intelligent, social and loving animals.  Be naturally curious they tend to be mischievous.  But we love them all the same.  To them everything is worth investigating by using their mouth.  They just can't resist, smelling, tasting and checking what can be very tasty.  Being such picky eaters they sure know what they like and dislike.  Goats love a good scratch or even better yet giving your leg a deep tissue massage.  Every goat at Sweet Land Farm has a name unique to them.

At Sweet Land Farm we raise Alpine, Nubian, Saanan and Lamancha goats.  Other breeds are Toggenburg, Oberhasli and Sable.  The smallest being the Nigerian Dwarfs.
Goats are for sale throughout the year, please contact Emma at