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Private Tours & Tastings

School Tours

What is included in a tour

Guided walking tour of the barns and buildings

  • Dairy Barn  - milking heard

  • Teen Barn - future milkers

  • Kid Barn- baby goats

  • Parlor- where we milk goats

  • Creamery- where cheese is made

  • Try your hand at milking a goat

  • Taste test our farmstead cheeses


 Your guide will explain the basics of raising dairy goats, purpose of each barn, basic milking production, and how we make our cheese

* We know every class and school as different needs. We will work closely with you prior to ensure we can offer your students the best experience.



$10 per Child & Adult

Deposit fee $200 at time of booking

Balance due 21 days before tour

*minimum cost of tour $200


We offer one tour on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Time: Start 10 AM

End: 1-2 hr * Depending on group size, age, and level of detailed needed. 

Group Size

No minimum group size 

We require one adult per 5-7 students

Groups larger than 30 will be split into multiple groups

Answers to your questions

What should I wear?


This is a real production 

We recommend comfortable closed shoes, long pants, and short sleeve shirts. Clothes may get dirty, dress accordingly. 

What should I bring?


Students shouldn't bring backpacks, jewelry, or anything that they don't want to loose or the goats to nibble on. 

Do you have restrooms?

Our facility includes two standard and one handicap restroom to use for the group

Where do we park?

TBD - assign spot?

Do you have food to purchase?

We have tables if your group would like to bring your own lunch. We do not have food to purchase at this time. 

Adults that are accompanying the  students are asked to keep order. Loud noises or disruptive behavior is not tolerated. The guide will ask for the person to be removed from the tour and taken to the transport vehicle and to be supervised there until their departure.

Our farm is in beautiful location with much to see and learn. Our mission is to educate our youth about our operation and about the importance of agriculture to our island. Visitors leave our tours stimulated by the experience and captivated by our friendly goats